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Rare & Undiagnosed Diseases

Many patients with rare diseases are undiagnosed for many years. This 'diagnostic odyssey' not only severely impacts the lives and quality of lives of patients and their family members, but is costly for our society. 

In collaboration with clinical geneticists, we facilitate disease diagnosis by performing functional studies of candidate genetic variants identified through whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing techniques.

This often leads to discovery of new human diseases or significant phenotypic expansion of known disease genes.

The Problem: Challenges in Interpreting Personal Genomes 

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How Flies Can Help: Genetic Technology & Phenotypes

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A 'Disease Model' versus a 'Living Test Tube'

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Undiagnosed Diseases Network


The Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) is a research study that is funded by the National Institutes of Health Common Fund. Its purpose is to bring together clinical and research experts from across the United States to solve the most challenging medical mysteries using advanced technologies.


Through this study, we hope to both help individual patients and families living with the burden of undiagnosed diseases, and contribute to the understanding of how the human body works.

Dr. Yamamoto serves as one of the Co-Directors of the Model Organisms Screening Center (MOSC) Drosophila Core for the UDN.

Listen to the dialog (~70 minutes) between Dr. Yamamoto, Dr. Bellen and a representative of the UDN PEER (Participant Engagement and Empowerment Resource) group, representing UDN patients and family members, regarding how model organisms can facilitate rare and undiagnosed diseases research in lay terms.

Undiagnosed Diseases Network International


Undiagnosed diseases are a global health issue, calling for an international scientific and healthcare effort. To meet this demand, the Undiagnosed Diseases Network International (UDNI) has built a consensus framework of principles, best practices and governance; the Board of Directors reflects its international character, as it includes experts from multiple countries. The UDNI involves centers with internationally recognized expertise, and its scientific resources and know-how aim to fill the knowledge gaps that impede diagnosis. Consequently, the UDNI fosters the translation of research into medical practice.

Dr. Yamamoto serves as the Chair of the Functional Study Working Group of the UDNI

Center for Precision Medicine Models (CPMM)


The Center for Precision Medicine Models (CPMM) at BCM brings together internationally recognized leaders in clinical genetics, bioinformatics, and model organism research. Our goal is to develop precision animal models that will end the diagnostic odyssey of patients with undiagnosed genetic diseases and serve as resources for exploring personalized approaches to their care.

Dr. Yamamoto serves as one of the Co-Leads of the Disease Modeling Unit.

New Human Diseases Discovered and Documented

Here are several examples in which our study led to creation of a new disease entry in OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man), an organization that has the authority to name a new genetic condition

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